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A Kenyan rich woman by the name of Angelina makena imboxed us looking for a sugar boy to just eat her money as she gives him long time. “Hello,my name is Angelina Makena from Garden estate Nairobi.


Iam currently on my early 40s and I now know the true meaning of life as the saying goes, life starts at 40.

Amazing Albany – Western AustraliaThe <i>Sugar</i> <i>Boy</i> - Amazing.

Amazing Albany – Western AustraliaThe Sugar Boy - Amazing.

Am a very rich woman, I own b companies around kenya i have more than ten cars that i just exchange daily wherever I go out with my friends.HELLO TRY THIS BEFORE YOU LOG-OUT AND EAT YOUR MEAL COMMENT "HOOK ME UP" AND SEE WHAT'S HAPPENS IN THE NEXT 2MINS IN YOUR IN-BOX ============================================ THE AGENT HOPE ON 08159935229 FOR MY CONNECTIONHELLO DEAR AM IN-NEED OF A SUGAR BOY TO MY OWN AM SO BORED AND ALONE..

BackTalk An Interview with James "Sugar Boy" Crawford

The main reason am writing to you its not because am desperate,no,its because I want a companion. I want samebody who can make me scream in bed and my dead mother ten times.

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