Shelf-life dating of foods

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In 1968, treasure hunters discovered a Civil War-era steamboat at the bottom of the Missouri River.

Page 1 Determination of the Shelf Life of Foods Dr. Ted Labuza.

Among the items recovered were several intact cans of food.

Page 1 Determination of the Shelf Life of <strong>Foods</strong> Dr. Ted Labuza.

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Six years later, scientists opened the cans to find perfectly edible peaches, oysters, and tomatoes. So why do modern canned foods claim to expire in a matter of months?They’re the manufacturer’s best estimate of when the product is at its freshest or “peak quality.” Many foods will still be good to eat days, weeks, or months after those dates, depending on the food.

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Here’s the truth: Food expiration dates have nothing to do with safety, and are only loosely related to quality.

Shelf-life dating of foods:

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