Pros and cons of dating a 18 year old

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Depending on where she grew up and how she was raised, she may be less likely to have kids to look after.

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Cons: She's less likely to be in touch with her motivations, and is more likely to give free rein to her emotions (outbursts, overreacting, etc.)..since she lacks context, may not even know what she wants to do in a given situation. She's less likely to have an established career and/or a well-paying job of her own, so you may end up paying for things a lot.

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She's less likely to be looking for "the one", so if you are looking for a long-term partner, she may just grow apart from you eventually and disappoint you there.Can be more easily forgotten than LTR's in adult life (read: fewer ex's as permanent friends).

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I dont think 5 years is anything to worry about when u get older, or as time goes on.

Pros and cons of dating a 18 year old:

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