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Tired of swiping rht for muscly hunks who turn out to be nothing more than lazy couch potatoes?

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Then you mht a fan of a new app that matches couples based on how many steps they take.

<strong>Peach</strong> and Arugula Salad Videos Cooking Channel Cooking.

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Lime describes itself as 'Tinder minus the lazy people', and is the first app to use data from Apple's Health app to help people find love.A spokesperson from Lime said: 'Lime is the first dating app to utilize Apple's built-in Health app in order to match users based on their lifestyle.'Lime gathers users' daily Steps information and analyzes the data to match users with potential dates who live a similarly active or sedentary lifestyle.'The San Francisco-based developers said the app could help single hearts weed out dates that are dishonest about how much they exercise.

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Scroll down for video The mobile dating service looks at its users step count by gathering data from the i Phone's in-built Apple Health app.

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