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Watch for messages or replies to messages that don’t seem to make sense, relative to what you said, or that look like they could have been sent to anyone.

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They’ll ramp up the romance talk early, coming out with, “Just looking for my incredible love partner to hold and cherish” or “I sense you are the type of woman who’s really serious about this. If they’re presenting themselves as a white Caucasian Westerner, and then their English and grammar is off, it has to make you ask questions.

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I’m already feeling strongly for you and that we could build something incredible together for the future.”Offline, when he’s dated you for 6 months, this is cute. Does he say, “I’d love to travel in overseas soon” or “I love listening music”?Online dating gives us access to unprecedented numbers of potential matches.

Beware These Internet Dating

He just wants to take advantage of (and STEAL from) you.

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