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Kat's “Time to Break it Off” Test and other Dating. -

Another modern concept, “bread-crumbing” is the despicable practice of basiy messing with someone by throwing down little bread crumbs of (dital) interest, without ever consummating an actual “meet.” Just as modern life makes it easy to connect, it is also easier to disconnect, with few consequences.

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You should not spend time waiting for a specific date to arrive to see if this woman resurfaces.

Kat's “Time to Break it Off” Test and other <strong>Dating</strong>. -

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You should re-enter the dating site and carry on, attempting to meet people.Should I just accept this as a cost of dating in this era (that some people will ghost) and move on?

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You don’t seem to be doing anything “wrong,” and so you should continue being your best self, on and off this site.

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