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Ne-Yo – Can We Chill - Video Dailymotion

You can tell she was a beast; She was that girl that was emerged with talent. But then when it comes out of the record, it's when it becomes an issue.

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Even then, it feels as though, that with a little time they're able to work things out.

Ne-Yo – Can We Chill - Video Dailymotion

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I just saw most recently Rick Ross and Young Jeezy have worked out their differences, which is a b deal.Hip-hop is a tough game in which only the best survive.

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After watching that TLC made-for-TV movie the other nht left us feeling a little bad for the members of TLC but Chilli is living happily ever after with her new boyfriend… says that they have confirmation that Chilli and Ne Yo are officially together!

Ne yo dating chilli:

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