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Modern Matchmaking — Marriage in the Hindu Tradition

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Reasons To Match Kundali Before Getting Married.

One astrologer even assured that this marriage is hy impossible and he's shocked that such a match was even considered. My friend rejected an awesome alliance which was perfect in all ways except that the gunas (numbers) didn't add up.

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Luckily they were of same caste and had no major relious/caste issues(which is very usual.) But their parents believed in horoscope. If 1 or 2 say it's fine but every astrologer they went to (Guy's parents and girls parents) all gave the same answer. HIs was an arranged marriage after checking all the parts of horoscope.According to , nature considers man and woman as a single identity post-marriage.

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It took 2 years for the couple to convince and marry. His wedding was ed off a week before the date and this was a match which ' perfectly matched' I have only given examples of exceptions. But as you know, in India exceptions run into Millions! S: Completely my own opinion after a discussion with a 80 year old 'cool guy' who speaks awesome.

Match making after marriage:

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