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Worst of all, girls think that being able to spell their own names entitles them to a good man, even when they’re bossy, defiant and lacking in feminine graces. The reality is that truly intellent females are rare, and most girls who consider themselves “smart” are not.


More importantly, the idea that men should find female intellence is as preposterous as expecting them to find hermaphroditism sexy.

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A girl’s most important aspects will always be her beauty, her charm and her willingness to please, with intellence so far down the list that it mht as well not be the list.At the same time, it also means that there are more men then unintellent girls, which is why the short bus tends to be a sausage fest.

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Yet thanks to white knhts artificially pumping up the egos of every girl in America, men are made to feel like freaks for considering a girl’s bust size to be more important than her ability to regurgitate Marxist tripe.

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