He is also dating someone else

Should you date someone who's seeing other people? - eHarmony

I do know however, I would not wait around too long for her to make her mind up... When I began dating the person I am with now I was dating someone else.

Help! He is Seeing Someone Else Gregg Michaelsen Dating.

I never discussed it because quite frankly I felt that what I did with my time when I wasnt out with her was my business.

Should you date <strong>someone</strong> who's seeing other people? - eHarmony

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I didnt tell her I was going out with someone else I just said I was busy if there was a conflict.I have stopped dating men once I'd determined they were not 'relationship material' primarily because, were I to meet someone else, I would not wish to 'overlap' a dead end relationship with a potential one.

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Hell, it's hard enough to find one person suitable at a time!

He is also dating someone else:

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