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He was on a dating site & then quickly got my number.

Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware River - Catss -.

Within 2 days of talking said he deleted his account on the site because he didn't want any distractions getting to know me.

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Spoke with this guy for hours on the phone, thick heavy accent.Was a field manager for 18 years with Exxon, recently started his own company. I'm sure you all have taken a serious side to the one in the picture. I don't want to share my email even on here as I truly don't trust anymore. If they didn't have anything to hide I just wonder if there is actually those who do work on oil rs. His story is that he was born in Germany and moved to Texas with his mum after his father died - he was 18. He has a 15 year old son named Sebastian who is looked after by a full-time housekeeper named Kimberly while he is on the r for months at a time. He also had me believing that his drilling machine was failing and he needed to get a part that would cost $32k (including shipment to the r).

Gone Fishing Arl's World

Said he got a scholarship to Oxford University in London. His wife's name was Audrey and she died 6 years ago from blood cancer. He claims that the last company he worked for owed him $150k.

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