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You think you see your boyfriend in the background talking to a girl.

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You think to yourself, "Oh hell no is that the hooker Jamie from Delta Gamma?! You pick a fht for no reason and then can't even admit you were Snapchat stalking because you'll look like a weirdo.

Equal-i-zer Travel Trailer Hitch

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" (In all reality it's so blurry those two people could be anyone.) You start feeling hot with anger and bitterness. From that point on, you watch anyone's stories who you think mht be with him or at the same bar. Honestly, if you have so little faith in your relationship that you have to keep tabs through Snapchat stories: you've got a bger issue my friend.And more than likely, you have a favorite social media app you like to use to creep on your girlfriend, boyfriend, hookup buddy or crush. Don't get me wrong, I admit it: I used to be a social media creep myself in previous casual dating situations. It's a Thursday nht; you had to stay in because of your 8am work shift (fuck you, rht?

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And it usually always ends in unnecessary anxiety and fhts over nothing.

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