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A girl who tends to stress about everything and nothing when a deadline is approaching, who gets irritated easily when people are stupid, a girl who doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Online dating diaries of a wheelchair user Love & Relationships.

Someone who is intensely private but has a very public online life. Someone with a good job that he enjoys and takes pride in; someone who is as intellent as he he is (or even more so; please?!

Online <em>dating</em> diaries of a wheelchair user Love & Relationships.

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Someone who is looking for perfection…and who refuses to settle. ), someone who doesn’t look to me to keep him entertained 24/7, someone who has his own life and plenty of stories to keep me entertained when we are sharing; someone who is entertained by my stories; someone I can miss when he is gone; someone who misses me when I am gone; someone who doesn’t lie about his marital state; someone who is most definitely not “all hat and no horse.” Ummm…yeah.If I had a dime for every profile I have read so far where the guy writing said the last book he’d read was Dan Brown’s (which, hello – came out in 2003!

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It seems like this would be an easy enough task to complete, but you mht be surprised at how quickly everything can go wrong based on misuse and misunderstanding of these two little features.

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