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There’s a theory why Orellana didn’t know flames were licking at his door. That’s the last thing his friends remember about him—how happy he was to have saved up for them.

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Maybe that’s why he was oblivious to the screaming and the running, his nehbors throwing themselves and their dogs out the windows.

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The fire alarms mht have been loud enough for him to hear over his music, but they weren’t working.He told me he was Spanish—from the Pyrenees—but he wouldn’t tell me his name.

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So Orellana found himself trapped in his tiny bedroom on the third floor of his apartment building on the corner of Mission and 22nd Streets, a b old wooden structure with a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen below and rickety staircases and fire escapes above. When I visited the site of the fire, in December 2016, there was nothing left of the building, only a muddy, waterlogged crater with a vast new luxury-condo development rht next door to it. Two-bedroom apartments there have reportedly gone for $7,499 a month, which isn’t unusually excessive for this city: It’s the most expensive place in the country to rent.“I used to come here for the Popeyes chicken,” he said.

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