Dating vox amps

Vox Dynamic Bass amplifier - JMI, 1967-1968 - the Vox Supreme

Vacuum tubes, or thermionic valves, are arrangements of electrodes in a vacuum within an insulating, temperature-resistant envelope.

The VOX Showroom - Vox Tube Amps by Korg 1993-2010

Although the envelope was classiy glass, power tubes often use ceramic and metal.

Vintage <b>Amps</b> Bulletin Board • View topic - <b>Vox</b> AC30 JMI Top.

Vintage Amps Bulletin Board • View topic - Vox AC30 JMI Top.

The electrodes are attached to leads which pass through the envelope via an air tht seal.The result is a current of electrons flowing from filament to plate.

Blue Book of Guitar Amplifier Values - VOX

On most tubes, the leads are desned to plug into a tube socket for easy replacement.

Dating vox amps:

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