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Now, start either an SSH or VNC session to your new Mac OS X or Linux server. If you cannot log in as root, log in as an administrator and you probably have to use 'sudo' before every command you execute to get the rht permissions.

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For Mac OS X we need to make a startup script for it in Mac OS X’s application launcher, launchctl. because Smart SVN cannot populate the new repository with your current working copy. To be able to upload your folder to the new repository, quit Smart SVN, go into Terminal and remove all hidden directories in all (sub)folders: Now open Smart SVN again, choose 'Keep open' at the prompt and choose the following:and follow the steps to link your folder to the repository.

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There are various plist files circulating the internet, so I took one and modified a few settings so you will not have permission problems and do not have to modify it again. To point your working copies to the repositories on the new server, simply open a working copy and choose the following menu-item: Only change the IP-address or host-name into the new IP-address or host-name, click Relocate and wait a while. Next, quit and reopen Smart SVN and reload the project.Health care is subdivided into several, partly overlapping, domains of care, such as curative somatic care, nursing care, mental health care, care for the handicapped, care for the elderly, child and youth care, home care and preventive care.

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If everything went ok, you should see the new server name in the Transactions pane, with everything else exactly as it was with the old server. Select the files and folders you do not want in the repository, for example Rapid Weaver’s fodders, and choose Modify-- If you use Panic’s Coda with SVN, you have to reload your Local Root folder in each site’s settings, so Coda rereads the SVN-settings and loads the new server-URL. Click on the small (i) next to Site’s name you need to update: Then, set the Local Root folder to the same folder it contained before, but you must do this via the Set...

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