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They wrestle with the million-dollar question: Should they be dating a man if he isn’t financially successful? ), but he cannot and will not get started on the upstairs until he has finished the downstairs. I am not encouraging you to be a gold dger or discriminate against men with lower incomes … The amount of money he is making is not my concern.

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Here’s how to answer that question: In order for a man to be ready for a relationship, he needs to be in a great place within his career. Maybe he will go up there to have a beer or tinker around a bit, but even if he begins to build up and decorate the upstairs rooms, he will eventually have to go back downstairs and finish what he started. But whatever his profession may be, in whatever industry or income bracket, in order for a man to be fully immersed and happy in his relationship with you, he needs to be satisfied and succeeding within his career. If a man is not yet at the top of his field, he needs to feel as though he is working toward that goal and that it is in sht before entering a happy, healthy relationship.

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If a man is “in between jobs,” his relationships will reflect that instability. Maybe he has just got a promotion at his finance job? He has been told from an early age he will be the provider of his future family, the bread winner, and he needs to utilize his resources and work hard.The kicker here is when it comes to wooing a woman, it is not all about money.

Would You Date Someone Who is Unemployed? Tie the Money Knot

If a man is not settled and satisfied in his career, he cannot even begin to think about a serious relationship. Eventually he will be able to live the lifestyle he desires.

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