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The JET Programme - JET FAQ for applicants

Most of you know by now that I’m headed to Japan to teach English as a participant on the JET Programme.

The JET Programme From Application to Acceptance -

I wrote previously about how this was a long time coming (I first heard about it in 2006! This post will be more detailed, and will probably only be interesting to those of you who found my blog while searching for info about JET, sorry!

The <em>JET</em> <em>Programme</em> - <em>JET</em> FAQ for applicants

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Please keep in mind while reading that I am a Canadian (Vancouver consulate) JET, and things differ by consulate and country.They were both work-related references, because I haven’t been in university for 8 years so there was no way I could get one from a professor.

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Timeline: November 30 The application process took a long time to get everything together.

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