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ROMANCE FRAUD/SCAMS Canadian Resource Centre for Victims.

In recent years, Ottawa has leased drones from the Israelis to conduct reconnaissance missions in Afghanistan.

Canadian Forces seek to oust 77 members for sexual misconduct.

By Justin Ling The new Liberal government is pledging to tackle suicides in the Canadian military, but a new report released this week shows that mht be difficult — because nobody knows quite how large the problem is.

ROMANCE FRAUD/SCAMS <i>Canadian</i> Resource Centre for Victims.

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By Justin Ling A 52-year-old veteran of the Canadian Forces says it was flashbacks of his tours in Croatia and Afghanistan that led him to stab his wife dozens of times across her face, neck, and body during a role-playing game.By Ben Makuch and Justin Ling An exclusive VICE News investation shows that Canada’s program to export Lht Armored Vehicles didn’t stop at a $15-billion deal with Saudi Arabia — they’ve been looking for other buyers, including Kuwait.

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By Ben Makuch and Justin Ling The US army's research into turning stem cells into a useful in-theatre tool dates back over five years, and now Canada's top military researchers are following suit.

Dating in the canadian military:

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