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These feelings are also rooted in the fact that in The Netherlands, it is not strange to have kids without getting married first.

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Although I am sure that there are still many communities where it is being frowned upon, there are also many families where the parents just live together.

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Some of these couples mht decide to get married later on, some mht never take that step.Just like many of my friends, I like to indulge in these series with a cup of tea and watch American brides-to-be buy dresses sometimes estimated at over $10,000 (rougy ¥1,124,000).

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These kind of arrangements are also supported by Dutch law, as there are three official forms in which Dutch couples can register their unity; huwelijk (‘marriage’), geregistreerd partnerschap (‘registered partnership’) and samenlevingscontract (‘living-together contract’). Marriage is applied for and conducted at the local city hall.

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