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Getting away from the house, the children and the hassles of work has a calming effect and can spice up your romance tremendously. It is possible to get married, get kids and get used to a crowded life and easily forget to have special moments with your spouse.


Ever wondered why corporate organisations and government commissions go down to the Coast, Naivasha or even in the Mara when making critical decisions? However the exclusiveness that comes with a coffee date, a weekend away or a holiday is a good ingredient for sustaining the passion for each other.

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Having grown in a patriarchal society, there is a tendency to believe that men should always initiate such things.A while ago in a marriage accountability , one of the ladies shared how she had planned a surprise dinner for her husband, just to say thank you for being a good man.

Ke Nairobi dating for serious people.

"He must always take me out, decide where we should go and even pay the bills." However, in this one I suggest we break the rule and allow women to also initiate.

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