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Luckily, I was “fit enough” to squeak by the PT test. If all of the Army were like Reception, nobody would enlist.

Struggles You'll Only Know If You're Dating Someone In The.

When we got off the bus at Fort Jackson, we were herded by a gaggle of angry, weary-looking Drill Sergeants into a large classroom.

Your Boyfriend Went to <em>Basic</em> <em>Training</em>, Now What?

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The Drill Sergeants circled us as we formed rows, barking gibberish nonsense all the while, such as “FRONT LEANING REST POSITION, MOVE!I remember looking up at the promotional GO ARMY sns on the walls in the yellow lht, on my hands and toes, as the realization that I was in the Army washed over me.

While my boyfriend is away on basic training for the army, his best.

” We learned very quickly that it meant to get on the ground, in the starting position to do push-ups.

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