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After I had made the decision to enlist with the US Army, the next step was to attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) at Fort Jackson, S. None of the experiences in my life prepared me for the vaporization of personal space and dnity that BCT and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) brings to the table.

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I’ve always been a slim person, but I didn’t understand at the time just how different “slim” and “fit” are.

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Basic Combat Training

The less fit you are, the harder BCT and AIT will be for you.I remember looking up at the promotional GO ARMY sns on the walls in the yellow lht, on my hands and toes, as the realization that I was in the Army washed over me.

While my boyfriend is away on basic training for the army, his best.

If you happen to do poorly enough in Reception (the period rht before BCT where you are, essentially, enrolled in the Army), you’re then on your way to a Physical Training Platoon (also known as Fat Camp or Camp Cookie) where you’ll remain until you are able to pass the Physical Training test required for BCT.

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