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I scoured the shelves for shampoo that wouldn’t destroy my hair.

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I doubled back three or four times and passed row after row after row of options before I realized that my products weren’t even on the same aisle as everyone else’s.

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Temptations Every Christian Man Faces by Jana Duckett Men.

They were one aisle over, contained on four meager shelves.I was that friend as a single — the brown-skinned girl who stuck out like a sore thumb in a sea of white, Reformed faces. Now, married to the husband I used to pray for, I still feel very deeply the effects of those thought processes and environments I faced as a single woman of color in the church.

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You’re thinking of her when you say, “I have diverse relationships” but really mean, “I have this one black friend.” Many black women are used to occupying that space. And I got used to the protective shell that so many single black women living in white spaces learn how to wear when it comes to romantic relationships.

Christian faces dating:

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