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Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay, to Robin Haines Merrill, Hamill's fellow missionary during the time she was raped and ed. "Don't vote for people who speak vile things against women," she said.

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Duterte for his vulgarity-laced speeches, his boasts of sexual conquests and his promised war on crime." The Guardian had a similar description of Duterte, adding that "even when he ed Pope Francis a 'son of a whore' in a speech last November, his followers in the devoutly Catholic country quickly forgave him." ABC reported about how the presidential candidate's comments drew "widespread condemnation," from presidential spokesman Herminio Coloma, his rivals Sen.

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The BBC described him as a candidate "known for his irreverent speeches and boasts of sexual conquests." The Straits Times said: "Many Filipinos have embraced Mr. The audience laughed as the Davao City mayor told the story.


The comments created an online firestorm with people condemning and defending the presidential candidate.

Ang dating doon international:

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