What are three methods of dating rocks

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It began in China, possibly due to the desires of an emperor to have a constant supply of fish.

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It is speculated that the ques for keeping fish in ponds orinated in China with fishermen who kept their surplus catch alive temporarily in baskets submerged in rivers or small bodies of water created by damming one side of a river bed.

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Another possibility is that aquaculture developed from ancient practices for trapping fish, with the operations steadily improving from trapping-holding to trapping-holding-growing, and finally into complete husbandry practices (Ling, 1977). Possible environmental Impacts of aquaculture Public health risks and consumer resistance (microbial diseases, red tides, industrial pollution; rough weather losses; seed shortages; market competition especially for export produce; failures, social disruption.Brackishwater: salinization/acidification of soils/aquifers. Both: market competition, especially for export produce; feed and fertilizer availability/prices; conflicts/failures, social disruption.

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Freshwater: health risks to farm workers from waterborne diseases.

What are three methods of dating rocks:

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