Virgin dating an experienced guy

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A 30 y/o virgin is somewhat of an oddity and I don't think I've ever known a woman who would pass on that sort of gossip between girls.

Would girls rather date a virgin or an "experienced" guy?

Not that I think you're that way, jillabean, I just think most women are/would be.

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I have to admit - if I had a friend that was a virgin, I probably would say something to my other friend about it if I was setting them up.Not only because men haven't been interested because I am not that pretty, but because there aren't too many men who will want a 27 year old virgin.

Guys, would you prefer a virgin over a experienced woman.

I wouldn't "gossip" about it - but I think it's kind of a b thing not to mention at 30 years of age. I wouldn't have to be scared about how bad I am going to be or feel self conscious. I haven't had much luck with men, and lately I've basiy given up.

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