The guy you like is dating someone else

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And on a rare occasion, you may find that this guy behaves rather suspiciously.

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Now is he married or dating someone else, or is he just a guy with a lot of secrets? You may not go hunting for a married man, but every now and then, you may find yourself in his arms, when you least expect it.

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What To Do When The Boy That You Like Likes Someone Else.

[Read: Having an affair with a married man] Some men always want the best of both worlds.If you’re dating a guy who never ever uses a card, he’s either got bad credit or doesn’t want another woman to know of his extracurricular activities with you behind her back. So has he introduced you to his friends after the first few dates? Those lonely, affectionate dates As distant as he may have seemed in a public place, does he flip on the reverse switch when he’s in a beautiful, romantic plush restaurant that’s all lonely and romantic?

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They want to have a stable committed relationship with one person and a happy quick fling with someone else.

The guy you like is dating someone else:

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