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When I ended a five-year relationship in the fall of 2016, I had no desire to rush back into the dating scene.

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But there I was, six months later, trying to get out of my comfort zone by skiing with complete strangers at a chairlift speed-dating event.

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Luvbyrd, a dating app for outdoorsy types, has organized these speed-dating events since 2015 and hosted a day at New Hampshire’s Crotched Mountain and two days at Colorado’s Loveland this year.As it happens, I married a guy who's almost exactly my heht, give or take a quarter inch. If I insisted on dating people my size, I'd have had a pretty empty dance card.

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(The shortest guy I ever dated was 5'2, and he was lovely, although he did insist on standing on his front stoop and kissing me goodnht over the railing).

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