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We've seen it before, and it's always surprising and wonderful: When Charlie takes on a leadership role, he becomes completely competent all of a sudden. The impetus is his sudden, apparently inexplicable decision to write a musical based on his Nhtman and Dayman characters. ") The trouble starts when Charlie and his assistant Artemis gather the cast for the first rehearsal and everyone starts complaining about their characters.

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(The rest of the gang can't fure out the angle behind this decision. Charlie isn't the sly deranged, overly-enthusiastic follower of most episodes; he's the put-upon leader, the center in the of eccentrics rather than the chief eccentric.

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And watching him try to hold it all together is quite enough to make this finale worthwhile.And a bunch of old people in the audience leave very confused.

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The musical is about a princess who wants to have sex with a little tiny baby, and a cat-eyed Nhtman who is allowed by a troll to rape said little boy, transforming him by the power of his musk into the Dayman who conquers the Nhtman and then gets together with the princess.

Sweet dee dating a retarded person av club:

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