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Make your own sparks fly with today’s on from Indy Speed Date, hosting a full schedule of upcoming events.

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Choose from the following options: Indy Speed Date scatters the seeds of romance in elegant restaurants across the city by orchestrating flurries of five-minute tête-à-têtes for searching singles.

Indianapolis <i>Speed</i> <i>Dating</i> Singles Events - Monty Indianapolis.

Mo’s Irish Pub

Attendees should dress casual and prepare for 10–15 hh-speed conversations in which they will chat with potential partners to determine their tastes, temperaments, and desire to fht crime in leotards.The event host tabulates scores at the end of the nht, and all participants receive a list of deemed-compatible partners along with their contact information.

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After each brief meeting, participants fill out a score card and then gallop to the next as-yet insnificant other.

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