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I Do Not Hook Up song The Katy Perry FANDOM.

Rhythm is an inherently important part of sex, independent of whether there is music playing.

Listen to the Fifty Shades Darker Song by Taylor Swift & Zayn Malik

Adding music to the experience layers on pressure to somehow sync up real time activities with whatever song is playing.

Prince and Madonna <i>Hook</i> Up for a 'Love <i>Song</i>' 365 Prince <i>Songs</i>.

Turn Off the Music When Hook-Up Playlists Ruin Sex Complex

There are certain genres that, intrinsiy, don’t provide rhythms conducive to sex.The song is blatantly sexual—Simmons feels so turned on by someone (presumably a guy who has something to “plug” into her) that she’s willing to submit and let sex overcome her.

THE HOOK UP - Bananas Entertainment

Afrojack’s 2011 hit “Take Over Control” with vocals by Eva Simmons, who bears the privilege of reciting these words before the convulsive bass drop a few seconds later.

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