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"Deep in the middle of the woods”, said my mother, “is the place where the King of the Pumpkins lives." A young boy and his cat try and find out what - if anything - is true about his mother's stories. I am very sorry to say | That ninety lives have been taken away".

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I looked at my watch and saw that it was going backwards. “If my watch is going backwards, then it means that it’s early, so I’m not late for work at all…” and then I woke up. Lines from the most famous poem from William Topaz Mc Gonagall, who is regarded as one of the worst poets in the English language!

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Thomas Hood wrote at the start of the nineteenth century, but he sounds surprisingly modern.Use these 'I like you' poems as cheeky text messages, emails, or notes to tell someone that you like her or him.

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In this poem, Hood takes a look at winter in a cold, urban climate, expressed with a nice sense of humour.

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