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Daniel J. Glassman, "It's Not a Lie if You Believe it" Tax Shelters and.

While eating a calzone from Pisano's at work, Steinb requests that George get him one after tasting it, and from that day on, wants to have lunch with George, both of them eating calzones from Pisano's.

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This arrangement enables George to become Steinb's second in command.

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Everything is going great, but when George puts a tip in the tip jar at the pizza place, the guy doesn't see him put one in, so the second time that it happens, he tries to take the tip out of the jar and it looks like he's stealing, so he obviously can't go back there.Unfortunately for George, Newman doesn't go to work when it rains, and so he sends Kramer to buy the calzones. Beautiful stuff with the oft quoted Todd Gak, what is that Dutch?

Elaine's Boyfriends by Description Quiz - By heusie - Sporcle

So, he has Newman, who drives by there on his postal route, buy the calzones, for a steep price.

Seinfeld dating loophole:

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