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They got on well, as their later reflections would attest to, but in hindsht Rihanna couldn't have been less emotionally available.

Rihanna Talks 'Home,' Dating and Obama

It was in February 2009 when longtime boyfriend Chris Brownhit her after a pre-Grammys party and what was going on behind closed doors was memorably bared for all to see.

<strong>Rihanna</strong> Talks <strong>Dating</strong> History In A Way That Mht Be About Chris.

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Rihanna unwittingly became the object of so much scrutiny, with legions of fans supporting her but, unfortunately, so many more judging her every move after Brown's arrest. What better time to revisit their whole, entire story..._______________________In theory, everyone who's friends with Rihanna is thereby involved in a hot friendship.

Every Turn Rihanna and Drake's Relationship Has Taken Since.

But the ever-fierce singer continued to live her life in the meantime, and she and Drake were first spotted out together socially—with a of people—at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in New York in May 2009.

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