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In a city where time is money and convenience is king, here’s why convenience relationships — dating someone because of ease, geography, money or their access to resources — can be an amazing thing. I love being as far as possible from the screaming sirens constantly running down Market Street and the insanity of the bar crowds.

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But do you know how hard it is to convince someone to come to my ’hood, let alone hang out in the wee hours of nht? That’s why it’s amazing when you click with someone who lives in your neck of the woods. It’s hard to act on a spur-of-the-moment rendezvous if you’re broke, don’t have a car, can’t afford a $17 Lyft ride to the other side of the city or don’t want to ride the bus for 45 minutes to get to their place.

Men Who Never Grow Up and Four Ways To Interact With Them

Men Who Never Grow Up and Four Ways To Interact With Them

If you’re in the city and your love interest is in the East Bay, it’s an even taller order.Ike many people living in a major metropolitan city, I came here to make bank and add some sparkle to my résumé. While I was trying to get out of a bad relationship, I was offered a job in San Francisco.

I Moved to San Francisco, and My Dating Habits Did a

(Real talk, though: why does it cost almost $20 to get from the Outer Richmond to downtown San Francisco, but $12 from downtown Oakland to Union Square? )On the flip side, the person gets extra points if they live close to your office, yoga studio, gym or other place of frequent visitation.

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