Perks of dating a bigger guy

Reasons To Date A Short Guy Especially If You're Short Yourself

So stock up on the pork pies, loosen your gastric band and prepare yourself for the five most surprising health benefits of being overweht.

Perks Of Dating A Chubby Guy That Women Need To Know.

Just remember to take them all with a pinch (or several tablespoons) of salt.

The Advantages of <em>Dating</em> a B Girl - YouTube

The Advantages of Dating a B Girl - YouTube

Not to mention sugar, alcohol and hydrogenated fats.Curiously, the research - published in a journal named Rheumatology - identifies this particular perk of plumpness as being limited to the male of the species, condemning women to a life of both stiff joints and irredeemable podginess.

Reasons Why Women Should Date Chubby Or Fat Men.

Today heralds the news that the hher your Body Mass Index (BMI), the lower your chances of developing chronic arthritis.

Perks of dating a bigger guy:

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