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Curiously, the research - published in a journal named Rheumatology - identifies this particular perk of plumpness as being limited to the male of the species, condemning women to a life of both stiff joints and irredeemable podginess.

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"To our knowledge, this is the first nested case-control study to investate this issue in men," said Carl Turesson, lead author of the study and professor of Medicine at Lund University in Sweden.

Reasons Why Women Should Date Chubby Or Fat Men.

Reasons Why Women Should Date Chubby Or Fat Men.

The professor surveyed 383 patients, and found from the data gathered that overweht and obese men were up to 63 per cent less likely to develop the musculoskeletal disorder.Just ask Jamie Oliver, who this week revealed that he'd shed two stone by cutting back on meat and consuming a "rainbow" of vegetables.

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• Many British men don't realise how fat they are Turesson believes that excess visceral fat in the abdomen is what helps to combats the condition, and that despite the common belief that added bulk increases pressure on joints, added weht can actually help prevent arthritis.

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