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My childrens father is not in their lives and I would love them to have that father fure and for us to belong to a real committed relationship but where do I start?

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My confidence is at an all time low after the break up of my relationship and I have tried dating sites before but no luck, I only ended up meeting totally unsuitable males.

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I really dont want to end up on my own for the forseeable future but how do you combine dating and trying to find someone who you want to be with, whilst making sure your childrens best interest is involved aswell.Hi ive posted on here before but quick recap me and my husband spilt up bout 4 months ago after being married for 11 years.i recently been talking to a man on the internet we talked for weeks before we met.anyway we have been on 4 dates now and things are going ok we are both not ready to settle in a relationship yet but i know he is having dates with other have agreed that we will just see where we has now text saying we cant meet for a couple of weeks as he busy with his kids etc.trouble is im new to dating do u think he is trying to get rid of me??

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I am finding the whole prospect of starting again, very frhtening because I really do not want my children to suffer and have someone come into their lives and then decide to leave again but I want to be with someone and would love my children to have that 2nd parent and grandparents because they lost all that in the horrendous split with my selfish ex and his parents.

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