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The hall does not contain any interior columns or a ceiling, nor are there any struts supporting the roof in between the columns.

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All of these features indicate that this is a low-status structure.

Ar/39Ar <em>dating</em> of Usol'skii sill in the south-eastern Siberian Traps.

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The hall contains several features of Tang Dynasty halls, including its longer central front bay, the use of camel-hump braces, and the presence of a yuetai.The humble building is a three bay square hall that is 10 meters deep and 11.75 meters across the front.

Ar/39Ar dating of Usol'skii sill in the south-eastern Siberian Traps.

As the oldest extant timber-frame building in China, The Great Buddha Hall is an important building in the understanding of Chinese architectural history.

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