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An earlier version of this article included a feature image of two women standing next to Louis Liaw taken from his Instagram account.

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The nature of the account implied he had dated both when he in fact did not. Louis Liaw’s Instagram account has since been set to private/deactivated.

The Truth about <em>Dating</em> <em>Malaysian</em> Women

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While casual dating is pretty much unheard of in many parts of Asia, one particular Malaysian man has been able to master going out with a different girl almost every week in his home country. We are so diverse, we have so many different types of beautiful ladies.Everyone has their interesting story if you pay attention.” “There were cases when I wanted to seriously date but they didn’t work out, but that is okay.

The Truth about Dating Malaysian Women

If you are not racist and are open-minded, there’s so much to love and appreciate.

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