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Everyone has their interesting story if you pay attention.” “There were cases when I wanted to seriously date but they didn’t work out, but that is okay.

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It is true that the cultural diversity amongst Malaysian women is such that general pointers for all of them are not much use and, that being the case, I’m only going to offer my tips with regards to the Chinese ethnic Malaysians.

<em>Malaysian</em> Women & Western Men

Malaysian Women & Western Men

You mht wonder why I’m focusing on that section of society; the reason is because it is these ladies that offer the most potential as future girlfriends.For one thing, there are fewer reported problems with online gold-dgers in Malaysia compared to other SEA countries, and there are some lovely ladies on: My recommended Malaysian dating site Ethnic Malay girls, whilst forming the largest , are in my opinion the least suitable Malaysian women for most western men due to the almost insurmountable cultural hurdles that stand in your way should you seek romantic success with them.

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That said, if Indian Malaysians appeal to you, they are also worth a look.

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