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ON-GOINGSCANDAL Fandom: Shinee, Kara Pairings: Jonghyun/Gyuri, Onew/Seungyeon, Minho/Hara, Taemin/Jiyoung, Key/Nicole Summary: Kara and Shinee collaborate for a project where they move into the same dorm and promote themselves as romantic couples.

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ROSEDUSTFandom: Shinee, Kara Pairings: Key/Hara, Key/Nicole, broken!

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Ed Sheeran & Nicole Scherzinger ‘dating’ after her split. -.

Minho/Hara Summary: Minho dies in a car accident and Hara loses her mind.LAST YEAR AT KYOTO PALACEFandom: Shinee, Kara, Super Junior Pairings: Onew/Seungyeon, Yesung/Seungyeon Summary: While in Japan attending a play, a mysterious young Korean man approaches Seungyeon and tells her of their meeting last year and their passionate love affair.

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Key steps in to protect her as he deals with his own grief.

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