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Consumed by jealousy, it will lead to Sulli’s ultimate betrayal when they are dragged into the middle of a violent mafia war.

The reason why Nicole will leave Kara-니콜 카라 탈퇴 이유는 소속사 푸대접때문?

PRINCESS OF HEARTFandom: 2PM, Kara, Shinee, Super Junior (minor: SNSD, B Bang, DBSK) Pairings: Wooyoung/Hara, Minho/Hara, Jonghyun/Gyuri Summary: Set in the late 19th century, the two states of Korea are to unite peacefully through a royal marriage, but an exposed love affair between the princess and a soldier causes the downfall of her kingdom.

<strong>KARA</strong> <strong>Nicole</strong>, “I received motivation from a male idol to lose weht.

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Jang Wooyoung sacrifices his existence to reverse time and erase the bloodshed, but what happens when he is forced to return to the kingdom?When a witch hunt begins, Heechul recruits a special team to protect Sohee and find a cure to make her human again.

KARA Nicole, “I received motivation from a male idol to lose weht.

Overview: HEREWITHOUT A HEARTFandom: Super Junior, Wonder Girls, DBSK, Kara, TRAX, T-ara, various others Pairings: Heechul/Sohee, Eunjung/Jay, Jaejoong/Yoobin, various others Summary: Inspired by 8Eht’s Without a Heart MV, a hh school girl Ahn Sohee and architect Kim Heechul fall in love, but things take a turn when Sohee accidentally unlocks a curse that transforms her into a vampire.

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