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Answer: All our extensions are listed under the GNU/GPL license, thus once you purchase and download an extension you will have full access to the source code. This is an essential tool that will help you identify potential security liabilities. provides a built in system log, thus you can easily see if security relevant actions have been performed.

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You are free to edit or modify this according to your needs, but don't forget that all source code changes are lost when an update is performed. It will even verify uploaded files (extensions, multiple extensions, banned extensions and malware patterns). System Scanner is an on-demand scanner that checks file permissions, checks for file changes and if you have the latest version of Joomla! All you need to do is select the logs in question and click on either Add to Blacklist or Add to Whitelist.

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Why risk the integrity of your site when you can increase the security level with a few simple clicks ? Timing is esential when deleaing with security issues - you can even set RSFirewall!Based on this and the fact that the security issues fixed with Joomla 3.7 are all low level, our recommendation is to wait for Joomla 3.7.1 if any of these known issues causes you or your third party extensions problems.

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The known issues list for Joomla 3.7 has already identified a number of issues.

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