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If I'm a Great Woman, Why Haven't I Met Anyone Else

People always ask me why I am still single, I get all the popular comments, like “Oh, that’s a shame, still single at your age”. There is nothing wrong with me, I’m atetic, been told I am attractive, outgoing, and I enjoy sports, and all sorts of out door activities, and have a great circle of friends, so why after all this time have I not met anyone? I’ve dated on and off for a few months to a year, only to have things crash and burn for one reason or another. I’ve tried the online dating, only to become seriously jaded by it all. I’m tired of friends telling me that when I least expect it, I will meet someone great, well, I have not been expecting it, and it never came. 🙁 Dear Lauren, I’m reminded of a story that Rich Gosse, the founder of American Singles, once shared with me.

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I’m 42, and have never been married, and I guess that I have been dating idiots, or men who are not even dating material for the last 10 years.

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I do have an open mind, and have even considered meeting and dating guys I normally would not. It was an amazing response to how he dealt with skeptical press inquiries about his new business model.I don’t suddenly get smarter if I propose to my girlfriend.

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‘Well, there are a number of people out there who are socially awkward.

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