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Primary and secondary readings on basic ideas, institutions and practices of the Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist paths and of the state and family. East Asia and the West, 1279–1911 (4) From the Mongol conquests to China’s last dynasty and Japan’s annexation of Korea, this course examines political, institutional, and cultural ruptures and continuities as the East Asian countries responded to the challenges of Western imperialism with defense, reform, conservative reaction and creative imitation. Twentieth-Century East Asia (4) Examines the emergence of a regionally dominant Japan before and after World War II; the process of revolution and state-building in China during the Nationalist and Communist eras; and Korea’s encounter with colonialism, nationalism, war, revolution and industrialization. Film and History in Latin America (4) Students watch films on Latin America and compare them to historical research on similar episodes or issues.

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Films will vary each year but will focus on the social and psychological consequences of colonialism, forced labor, relious beliefs, and “Modernization.” HILD 30.

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History of Public Health (4) Explores the history of public health, from the plague hospitals of Renaissance Italy to the current and future prospects for global health initiatives, emphasizing the complex biological, cultural, and social dimensions of health, sickness, and medicine across time and space. Introduction to Law and Society (4) A survey of contemporary issues concerning law and society, with emphasis on historical analysis and context.Of central concern will be the African American, slavery, race, oppression, mass mrations, ethnicity, city life in industrial America, and power and protest in modern America. Race and Ethnicity in the United States (4) A lecture-discussion course on the comparative ethnic history of the United States.

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Satisfies the lower-division requirement for the law and society minor.

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