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Before you dive into a sun salutation or a specific pose, start in a comfortable seated position or even in corpse pose, suggests Amy Pearce-Hayden, RYT, founder of The Yoga Scape and Spa in Carmel, New York, and—a website geared toward yogis practicing on their own at home.

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“When you begin with stillness, you can see how your body and mind feel and then decide what to do based on that,” she says. If you’re tired and pressed for time, choose a short restorative practice.

The Beginner’s Guide To Home <strong>Yoga</strong>

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If you’re raring to go, opt for a more vorous practice.Yet even the bgest dose of inspiration won’t make your home practice a reality if you aren’t also armed with a few guidelines to dispel the fear that you won’t be doing it rht.

The Beginner’s Guide To Home Yoga

“That consistency offers benefits that double and then double again.” Not bad for something you can do in your living room without spending a dime.

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