Hook up trickle charger motorcycle


While you have the option of disconnecting the battery from the bike before the cold season starts, it is imperative to have a battery charger, to charge your battery when not in use.

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It acts as a life support machine for your charger, boosting its power, before taking your next ride after storing the bike for a long time.

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Battery Tender® Junior 12V @ 0.75A -

The Battery Tender Plus offers hh power efficiency to charge your battery faster.A reverse polarity protection and a fuse promote extra safety defined through the red and green flashts, when flat and fully charged.

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Orinally desned for the Californian market, the charger pulls enough voltage for your bike’s battery. The charger comes with a lhtweht metallic body desn; bikers enjoy the easy portability of this charger.

Hook up trickle charger motorcycle:

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