Hook up phone to sync

Tuesday Tech Tips - Switching Phones with SYNC - Five Star Ford

Pair up to five Bluetooth-compatible phones with our FMV product to make and receive s with just the touch of a button. Please note that if you have paired a Bluetooth-capable cell phone with your On Star FMV, the device will default to any paired phone in the vehicle.

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To switch to On Star Hands-Free ing, turn Bluetooth off on your cell phone or unpair the phone from On Star FMV.

Tuesday Tech Tips - Switching <em>Phones</em> with <em>SYNC</em> - Five Star Ford

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Phones are guaranteed to work with the On Star System.Making s with Bluetooth To make a phone with your paired cell phone, press the phone icon button.

Q iPhone Back up without sync? Or sync but nothing gets

Pairing your cell phone Pair your Bluetooth-compatible phone by pressing the phone icon button and saying "Pair." On Star FMV will begin the pairing process by giving you a 4-dit PIN to enter you're your phone and prompting your next steps.

Hook up phone to sync:

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