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In addition to great food, drinks, and great local coffee, you’ll also find some unique rules about dating. You move past it, until you turn around to see who’s trying to nudge past you at a brewery one sunny Saturday afternoon and bam! As The Eagles once crooned, you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

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If you’re looking to meet that special someone in Charlotte, here’s what you need to know. Ah, the sweet disappointment of the business traveler.

Women seeking Men in <em>Charlotte</em> NC Chat with Single Women.

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While Charlotte has over 827,000 residents (and growing), matching with the same person on two or three different apps isn’t unusual if you’re dating in the Queen City. If they were in the “pen pal texting but never actually met up” phase, probably not. The Charlotte airport is such a hub for finance and other industries that you mht start having an awesome conversation with the would-be (employed and successful) love of your life -- only to realize that they’re just in town for work and will soon be heading back to their home hundreds of miles away. Charlotte is a unique blend of people who got married rht out of college and those who are in their mid-thirties (and older) just having fun.Some of what we learned: “Charlotte’s a really small town. you’re not going to get away from that person, you’re probably going to run into them at Sycamore.” – “I have a hard-and-fast drinks only on the first date rule,” Washburn said. I want to be able to like jet if I’m not feeling it.” – “You shouldn’t let someone pick you up on the first date,” Levine said. Meet them there.” Crosland is going to two Tinder weddings this year. “And now she’s like ‘Oh, did you meet him on Tinder?

Women seeking Men in Charlotte NC Chat with Single Women.

My co-host Sarah Crosland and I picked their brains about the Charlotte dating scene. So if you go on a bad date or a good date, or whatever happens on a date … I just feel like that’s too much pressure for a first date. It’s just a good way to meet people.” “When I first became single and I told my 75-year-old aunt that I was on Tinder she was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re going to get murdered,'” Levine said.

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