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He’ll make it known by being attentive and thoughtful.

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He’ll respect your pace, get to know you, and offer a shoulder to cry on if needed. He’ll hold doors open, buy you drinks and food, and match his pace to yours out in public.

Sns He <strong>Wants</strong> To Date You, Not <strong>Just</strong> <strong>Hook</strong> Up <strong>With</strong> You

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Men just looking to feel good for a nht or two won’t take the time to do much more than they have to, because they’re not staying around. It mht be difficult to see the snals after twenty bad dates and a month of having no one you back, but some guys will show you they’re really interested in a relationship and the sns will be there for you to see. When a man’s truly interested, he understands that he needs to treat you like a lady in order to stay in your good graces.#3 He’s known in your circle: He’s met your family and friends.

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[Read: 12 things you need to look for in a guy before you start dating him] #2 He’s made the introductions: You’ve met his family and friends.

He just wants to hook up with me:

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