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Suddenly Neville burst into the common room saying, "I heard you guys were back!

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" "Yes I know Ron." I shed and got to work, taking help from Hermione wherever possible.

Forever with you A <strong>Harry</strong> <strong>Potter</strong> <strong>and</strong> Ginny Weasley Fanfiction.

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" He sat down beside me and began reading Herbology while I finished the essay. " "Alrht." He muttered and sat down on the armchair. Ron looked furious and Hermione looked close to tears. She crumpled to the floor and I ran there, "How dare you hit Hermione! Hermione POV I was back in Hogwarts and I loved it so far!

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Harry was stretching and I resisted the urge to put my arms around him from behind and kiss him. Just as I asked if they wanted help, Ron finished his homework.

Harry potter and hermione dating fanfic:

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