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Anyway, so I went downstairs and Harry and Ron were doing their homework.

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" "Yeah he is Lavender." I replied, smiling at her. Otherwise, she was the meanest girl I knew, excluding Pansy.

A Sexy Little Plan Chapter 1 The Plan, a <em>harry</em> <em>potter</em> <em>fanfic</em> FanFiction

A Sexy Little Plan Chapter 1 The Plan, a harry potter fanfic FanFiction

I didn't expect anything less than an overreaction obviously. Anyway, so me and Harry were also back in the Gryffindor common room which was amazing! It glinted in the sunlht and Lavender said, "Who gave you sweet?! YOU ARE READING Fanfiction The Golden Trio: Harry, Ron and Hermione are back for their final year of wizard training, now that Voldemort has gone. But then, Ron is pronounced Head Boy and therefore he has a different room. Harry POV I leaned back and stretched as I finished my Transfuration homework.

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Ron seemed fine so I decided to tell him about me and Harry.

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