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Two humbucking pickup models with two thumb switches were also made but are hard to find. The Gibson All American II was built in the mid-1990s as part of the company's "All American" line which also included The Hawk and The Paul II.

Trash or Treasure 1960 Gibson Melody Maker Premier Guitar

This rare model features an explorer neck, Grover tuners, Kaer tremolo system and dual humbuckers. It was inspired by the orinal Melody Maker, but differed from it in having chrome tuners, no scratchplate, controls rear-mounted in the traditional Gibson solid-body style, and a bridge/vibrola unit.

Trash or Treasure 1960 <em>Gibson</em> <em>Melody</em> <em>Maker</em> Premier Guitar

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The All American II featured two hh output single coil pickups creating a tonality similar to a hotrodded telecaster than a typical Gibson instrument. It offered a mixture of traditional Melody Maker features (straht-sided headstock, white button tuners, jack positioned on the top) and traditional Les Paul Junior features (bridge-mounted dogear P-90 pickup, Junior-style control mounting and pattern).All the electronics, from the small single-coil pickups to the cable jack, were assembled on the pickguard and installed in a rout in the front of the body.

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Like both the orinal Melody Maker and the orinal Junior, the Les Paul Melody Maker featured dot inlays as fretboard markers and did not have a cap on its top.

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